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ZSMS is an enterprise mobile messaging solution that connects organizations with its workforce or customers at any time, any place. ZSMS enables enterprises to send bulk messages with a single push, track the delivery progress of each message and view detailed message analytics. The solution offers integration on the Virtual Number platform, which translates to higher savings and enhanced customer satisfaction. Organizations have to maintain contact with its mobile workforce about business updates, operational notifications, and travel /emergency advisories. There is also a need for a simplified and cost-effective platform through which enterprises can communicate with their customers. ZSMS uses the pervasive technology of mobile telephony to reach out to both these target groups. It enables faster time-to-market and decision-making, besides higher customer engagement and satisfaction.


Adding a whole new level of impact, efficiency and dependability to enterprise mobility solutions, ZSMSs Voice Services integrates the power of voice messaging with a keen understanding of specific organizational needs. The result - a complete ecosystem that does not just empower effortless customer interaction, grievance addressal and communication, but also paves the way for effective, large-scale information dissipation with innovative features like SMS integration and better ROI.


Short codes are mobile numbers that are significantly shorter than regular mobile numbers (usually 10 digits) which are used for SMS, MMS and Interactive Voice Services. The idea behind short codes is to make them easy to remember. For example: the short code 5-6161 in India, Messages sent to a short code can be toll free or â€" in most cases â€" more expensive than a regular SMS.

Short codes are used for buying content, interacting with a help menu, voting on TV programmes, listening to mobile radio, and a host of other services. Telecom operators, VAS service providers and TV channels use Short Codes for generating revenue.

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